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Infamous Friends is a new fashion label I have been working on in 2014. One of the most exciting milestones along the way was the opportunity to develop the concepts for our first photoshoot.

What we wanted to achieve was three unique scenarios that reflected the personality of each t-shirt design. Finding the right location was key. Logistically, the shoot had to be contained in the one location. Furthermore, the location we chose was also going to heavily influence the styling of each shot.

With the planning and location taken care of, I was also fortunate enough to then work alongside some of my favourite Perth creatives. And while I’ve been involved in hundreds of shoots and castings, there was definitely something extra special about seeing the final shots for my own brand.


Client: Infamous Friends

Producer: MYOMY

Styling: MYOMY

Photography: Shift Creative

Hair & Make-Up: Rebecca Collins

Models: Chadwick Models – Fabienne Vanderhaeghen / Ebony Hunter / Nicole Harrison